Symbolism and dreams

Why do we have nightmares? Why do we keep having the same dream motifs, several years in a row? What is the reason we have anxiety dreams, though we feel quite comfortable in our daily life? Could we use our dreams as a guide to better understand ourselves?

In this workshop we will examine Freud’s theory on the formation of dreams and Jung’s theories regarding the archetypes, synchronicity and the ability of the unconscious to manifest future trends.

You can bring your own dreams for discussion.

Our personal myth II: The ‘good’, the ’bad’ and the ‘ugly’ in our personal myth

In our life we often encounter difficulties and disappointments. Our goals and desires get blocked by the circumstances of our life or by our own passivity and procrastination. Despite our weariness, we keep watching endless repetitions of  “ the same old movie”.

Who is the dragon we need  to confront? Who is the evil witch who keeps us enslaved? What stops us from realizing our desires? In this workshop we will use the wisdom of folktales and psychoanalytic theories to trace the basic motifs in our life.

The inner child

Many therapists have discovered that inside an adult client there is a small child with his/her own needs trying  to heal his/her wounds. In this seminar we will discuss how we can best approach this partly dissociated aspect of the client’s subjectivity  and the problems  usually encountered in this process.

Clinical intuition

Intuition is an invaluable asset for a clinician. Coupled with empathy, intuition helps the therapist to sense accurately the nonverbal messages of the client and to respond sensitively and appropriately to these cues.
The aim of this workshop is to help participants understand and nurture their clinical intuition through the study of symbols, keeping a personal journal, using painting and guided imagery techniques.

Ιn quest of our personal myth

For certain people life entails more than making a living, solving problems and managing daily affairs;  for such people life should be passionate, heroic and meaningful. However, even the most down to earth persons start to realize as they grow older that certain event sequences and relationship patterns keep coming up in their lives, creating a personal and deeply engraved life scenario. In this workshop we will look into the myth of Hero as developed by Campbell and Jung and we will get a glimpse into our own life dynamics pertaining to the hero archetype.